Friday, January 22, 2016

Pray for the Lost, there but for the grace of God go I…

The Lost
The Maker made the man from dust upon the earth. He formed him in his own image and gave him his own worth. From the Maker’s love the man was given the power to decide whether he’d stay in the Maker’s love or take the Serpent’s Bribe. The Maker’s heart was broken though he knew it’d come about, that the man he made would love himself and take the wider route.

Now the Maker he suffered with the man through every sinful selfish act, hoping he might grow sick of his life, repent and then turn back. The Maker sent his children to deter the man from his path, but the man was so sure of his way he was blind to the coming wrath.

Now the Maker he stood there with the man at the end of all his days, and watched the man be ruined by his own selfishness replayed. The man stood condemned with no excuse for the evil of his ways, and the Maker had to tell the man the time for choosing had passed away. The Maker told how his son had come and laid his life down for the man but the man had better things to do than take the Savior’s hand.

“I chased after you, I called out to you, I tried to stop you in your ways, but you only pressed on harder convinced you had more days. You loved your sin; you loved yourself, an empty life you lived, thinking never of eternal things or what you had to give. I gave you the very breath you breathe and you used it for yourself, never using the gifts I gave to go bless someone else.”