Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Rock-

We who have been saved are not unlike a person that has suffered many years alone in a tiny raft in the center of the Atlantic. Guided only by ourselves we have been lost and alone. Relying on only our own strength we’ve been totally vulnerable to the storms of life. With no tether or anchor we’ve been mercilessly tossed back and fourth by the waves, we’ve been at the complete mercy of the sea and the storms it brings. Relying on only ourselves to guide our tiny, vulnerable one man raft we had no clue where we were going, we were wounded and our strength was gone. At times we thought we were able to get ourselves stabilized but these times were few and fleeting. Finally when the tiny raft has been punctured and we think we’ve lost everything that was keeping us going; the storm that destroyed our raft has washed us onto the base of a giant rock. The rock is enormous, and unlike the sea it is completely stable, unchanging, unfailing, and providing a strength that we haven’t ever had before. Now being completely supported and reliant on the rock we are able to slowly rise and for the first time we can stand tall realizing that we are not subject to being tossed by back and fourth by the sea and its storms any longer, we stand up and begin to rejoice in our salvation! And that’s when we notice them. They are many and they heading our way. When they reach us they welcome us, they embrace us, and they tell us we are not alone anymore. They are Citizens of the Rock!
They are the children of the living God!

Now we begin the business of throwing to those still drowning  some life preservers!